Photography Services

Photography Services

The Vision Collective price list for photography services offered: outdoor photography, portrait photography, fashion photography & Commercial photography.

Photography Services Offered

Photography Services Price List

About us

Vision Collective is a full-service photographic agency covering South Africa’s metro areas in support of the real estate sector.

Our clients include real estate agents, franchises, letting agents and owners of commercial, industrial and office space – as well as individual homeowners who need high-quality images of their homes to secure faster, easier sales.

We have an extensive database of photographers throughout South Africa and we select, commission and direct each photographer for each shoot, taking the logistical hassle away from agents or property owners. Shooting property is a specialised job which requires the right eye, the right lighting and the right cropping.

High-quality images, which meet our stringent criteria, help sell properties by attracting buyers. Vision Collective gives you the edge in making faster, easier property sales.

How we operate

Give us a call or drop us a mail with your contact details, property address (you can just send us a GPS map pin), a description of the property and preferred times for having pictures taken, and we’ll sort out the rest. We will select a professional and experienced specialist property photographer closest to you and commission them for your photo shoot.

When the shoot is complete and the images are edited to perfection, we’ll send them to you in a Dropbox folder for use in your advertisements, wherever they may appear. You have the right to use those images whenever and however you’d like.

A typical family home of four bedrooms or fewer will cost R1000, including travel, photo shoot, editing and delivery of high-quality images. Five bedrooms and upwards will cost from R1500, and evening shoots after work hours will include a R500 surcharge.

Commercial and retail, industrial and office property rates are available on request, and will be based on the size of the property and the number of pictures required.

We guarantee prompt and efficient service for a quick turnaround and customer satisfaction.

Contact us

Drop us a mail at _________ or call ___________ or use the contact box below to book your professional photo shoot.